It's WISE to DIY: Thrify Ideas for the Do-It-Yourselfer


This Mason Jar First Gets A Handful of Star Glitter-What Comes Next Makes It A Holiday Favorite!

My kids have done a lot of crafting but I gotta say that the craft that they are the most proud of, the one that has stood the test ...

These Herbs Get Planted In Such An Unexpected Place But What An Impact!

There are no shortage of herb garden options floating around on Pinterest but this one I found today from onekingslane was so gorgeously-rustic-chic ...

She Is Putting Wood Grain Contact Paper Onto Wood! Sounds Crazy But The Look She Creates Is Amazing!

Decorating on a budget is a challenge no matter which way you slice it but it is ideas like these that make the challenge worthwhile! This ...

Let Martha Stewart Take You Through The Basics Of Choosing The Right Turkey!

It’s almost time to order and pick up your turkey of choice for this year’s Thanksgiving feast. This task was probably ...

She Is Painting On This Purse With Mod Podge And The Result Is Incredible!

I love discovering new ways of using old favorites. You will be really surprised when you see what happens when you paint with Mod ...

This Hobby Store Letter Gets A Farmhouse Chic Makeover!

You have seen the paper mache letters at your local hobby store and you probably have a lot of great ideas about how to dress them ...

This Cast Iron Bench Goes From Trash To Treasure!

We have all seen these cast iron and wooden benches. ┬áIn our neighbor’s yards, at Home Depot, at garage sales and perhaps on ...

She Had An Old Door And She Upcycled It In A Way I Have Never Seen Nor Ever Expected!

Old doors are often filled with so much shabby chic beauty that they are used for headboards and other things. This is one way I have ...

The Way He Upcycles These Plastic Hangers Is Pretty Genius!

If there is one thing that I never seem to have enough of, it’s chip clips. They often break, somehow gets misplaced and half ...