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When He Flips This Over And Adds PVC Pipe, I’m SOLD!

This outdoor pallet daybed is amazing, guys!

I love a pallet project that is so easy–and what I mean by that is NO DISSEMBLING!

This is a great piece to have outside in the backyard to rest, read or just fall asleep.  I mean, why hang a simple hammock when you can make this in no time at all?

Click through to get all the deets on this great project!

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  1. Tori Eny says:

    Oh Daddy D Donovan Dale I think Dory and Mama want one of these.

  2. Would like one of these on the deck next year please.

  3. I think I am going to start blocking any posts in the “You won’t believe…” format. They never live up to the hype and I’m tired of being led-on.

  4. Thomas Venne says:

    Why the casters? I see this rolling off the deck very easily.

  5. I think it’s a great idea; HOWEVER, it’s sitting so close to the end of the deck that if any child ran to jump on the ‘daybed,’ it would go flying off the end of the deck. (There were no ‘brakes’ of any kind on the casters.) Cute idea, though!

    • Robert Schultz says:

      Well, if you would bother to look, the mulch is deck height so the casters will just sink. Maybe he doesn’t have kids or grandkids. So, when you buy/build one, you can do with it AS YOU PLEASE.

    • Richard Tompkins says:

      You can buy locking castors if you want to be able to roll it around. Myaelf? I would just leave it without wheels and pick it up to move. Can’t weigh that much.

  6. Mark Fenske….do you still have pallets at your house?

  7. I must have missed something, just saw another picture but no explanation. Kind of a waste of time

  8. Tim Kenefick says:

    lorraine duncan this is an idea for up at your farm.

  9. Linda Lee Galloway Connell

  10. John Murphy says:

    Love all these ideas

  11. Barb Singer says:

    I know someone who could make these. He has a lot of pallets left in the back yard.

  12. I think Vince Robinson should see this

  13. Have seen several great ideas for pallets but where do you find the pallets?

  14. do not put on face book if that we all can see

  15. VLH says:

    Charlie Konek, did you click Next Page » Step by step instruction and pictures are there!

  16. Dana Villarreal-Kretschmar

  17. Matt Garrett, check this out for your patio

  18. Sarah Aaron says:

    Tony N Jessie Aaronthis is really neat

  19. don’t u just hate a picture that says click to reveal & it doesn’t!!!

  20. I did a pallet project a long long time ago, kiddie pool and a couple of bags of sand and one of grave that were later used in the yard. Put the pallet in the sand mix and run it around in circles a while and poof no more splinters.

  21. Another project for you Jordan Multaner.

  22. Linda Harp Dillard, I could so see Andrew making this!!

  23. How the hell do you open this to see how he does it?????????

  24. Jim Killian says:

    Jamie Egler this is something you really need to make

  25. Janis Zeglen says:

    Jeff McCoy have you done this yet?

  26. Jeff McCoy says:

    Between school and football, haven’t done anything since August. When I have time, it’s raining……

  27. Janis Zeglen says:

    Hope to see you sometime this week! Sunday afternoon, anytime Monday, Saturday afternoon? Love you!

  28. Jeff McCoy says:

    Today or next Saturday?

  29. Janis Zeglen says:

    NEXT Saturday! Today I will be in ATL with sister, Heather & family. Back to Anderson tomorrow!

  30. I hate these ads that pull you in for details only to show you their business but not the project.

  31. Love this idea. Will do this for summer.

  32. also, did not say how to attach the rail!

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