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She Turned These $3 Rugs Into a $300 Item That I MUST HAVE!!

Since my personal style is bohemian and I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the look of beautiful textured and colorful prints, I am out of my mind excited about this DIY.

Just to give you an idea, I was recently given a moratorium on buying cool pillows by my husband who cannot really understand why new ones keep popping up on the sofa.

Click through to find out why I won’t be buying anymore pillows (but of my OWN free will)…

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  1. How can they be $3. Rugs if she bought them at a $1. Store?

  2. Family Dollar stores and General Dollar stores.

  3. Really, she makes pillows, any one that spends $300 on a pillow is crazy

  4. Just go to the dollar store.
    Save a couple bucks.

  5. Wise DIY says:

    yeah, sometimes the Dollar Store has items for $3…at least ours does.:)

  6. Jo Ann Burgio Polidori it says she turned a $3 item into a $300item

  7. Mary Foist says:

    There we go Jackie…sew us up some!

  8. Sher Stookey says:

    Yes, pillows can be expensive. One of the TV designers took several placemats to make one larger size rug which I thought was cool only it couldn’t be cleaned so not real practical. (It was the reed-like placemats.)

  9. Sher Stookey says:

    Not all “dollar” stores sell items for only a dollar.

  10. Sher Stookey says:

    It’s just an expression to include all of the “dollar” stores because there are several and not all of them sell items for only a $1 but any one of them would have items there that are cheaper than going to say Wal-mart.

  11. JoAnn Felch says:

    Did you check to see what the rugs are made out of? Could be some type of dye or chemical in them. Something to think about! Love what you did with them though! =)

  12. Anyone dumb enough to pay $375.00 for a pillow needs their hear examined!

  13. I have used towels from the dollar store also. They work great for outdoor pillows because they can be washed and when they fad you just throw them away and start over.

  14. Only Dollar Tree sells all items for a dollar. General Dollar & Family Dollar have higher prices than a dollar. Just ssyin’.

  15. Donna Vitko says:

    Sorry but who is going to pay 375.00 for a pillow nobody in my circle of peeps.

  16. Mary Wilson says:

    April Disterheft

  17. Liz Beaver says:

    I think only Dollar Tree has $1 items, all the rest have all prices

  18. I have two or three of the old rag rugs ………….this would be great

  19. really like what she did! Great idea!

  20. Dollar tree everything a dollar . Dollar store which is Family Dollar and Dollar General has deals but over a dollar and they have a dollar isle. You can get these a lot of the time for 3 dollars at Dollar General.

  21. someone out of their freaking mind

  22. I am going to have to try this I like doing crafts and I have knitted pillow cases for my house

  23. Deb Eastwood says:

    If they fade, why not donate to a local shelter or rescue

  24. i love this lonen material

  25. People the only store where every thing is $1.00 is The Dollar Tree.

  26. Janet Post says:

    Many times you can purchase “like-new” pillows at a thrift store to use instead of batting. I do this often when making decorative pillows.

  27. Evie Douglas says:

    Dollar store and Dollar General, two different animals!

  28. Yes…I would assume that most dyed fabric have some sort of dye in them.

  29. Patti Murray says:

    When they first opened, the dollar stores had stuff that was just a dollar… then the people wanted more items, and they expanded.

  30. What a joke…really?

  31. Because everything at the dollar store is not just one dollar!

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