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She Is Literally Painting Cornstarch On Her Window But The Result Is Gorgeous!

This DIY is quick, easy, fun and cheap.  What could be better!?

If you have any windows in your home or apartment where you want the natural light but need a little privacy, this is a truly lovely solution.

Granted, it is a bit feminine but I am wondering how we can use this idea and make it masculine, as well…

Maybe you can think of some ideas as you scroll down the next page…

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  1. I am going to do this on my back door !!!

  2. No download thank you.

  3. You mean on the glass? Does it stay for long,or come off when the window sweats?

  4. Oh,you use it as a glue to put lace on the window?

  5. Brandie ~ such a cool idea!

  6. Im going to do this on my back door not with lace but something different 🙂

  7. Malisa Faith says:

    Mary Faye Palmer, we could do this to one of those windows to change it up

  8. Liquid starch would work also. And mix match laces?

  9. Tina Falise says:

    this will look good on my sliding glass door

  10. I love this. Wish I could do it!

  11. Back in the 70’s I used cut pieces of colored tissue paper and it was a nice stained glass look for privacy and light…

  12. I would think a sheer curtain would work.

  13. Michael Guida when you put it on the window, you don’t know where it came from,,the price isn’t the issue,,it is the design,,

  14. Lisa Anne Atkinson, this looks like something you could/would do!

  15. Yvonne White says:

    Gui-DA is a poopy head lmao

  16. dye the lace or tint the corn starch? just thinking outside the box

  17. Allie Johnston your front door

  18. so may great ideas, wish you all would post pictures

  19. Click on next page, and scroll down

  20. I have a large window that has some type of (milkly colored) stain on it (tried everything to clean it. I hung curtains, but would rather have it bare- I may try this to see if I like the look. Thanks for this idea!

  21. You can do this using tissue paper, too.

  22. I can’t even open the silly thing to see what she is doing 🙁 can anyone help me with a way to watch the video, please ?

  23. Gail Shaver says:

    I didn’t see a damn thing!!!!!!!

  24. Nancy Smith says:

    This would be a nice way to provide privacy without a lot of fabric. Especially if you live in a rental unit…

  25. Candi Mancil says:

    I did this in my bathroom and I used a beautiful piece of lace. It turned out beautiful.

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