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She Is Literally Painting Cornstarch On Her Window But The Result Is Gorgeous!


  • lace fabric
  • cornstarch
  • paint brush
  • scissors


  1. Cut the lace into rectangles the size of the window panes.
  2. Mix 2 tablespoons of cornstarch with an equal amount of water.
  3. Paint the mixture on the window.

lace-cornstarch-window-treatment0114. Press the lace down on the cornstarch mixture and paint another layer on top smoothing out the fabric.


5. Let it dry.



I am wondering if one could find some very sheer plaid fabric that would work well for a boys room?  Even a solid color that wasn’t lace but sort of a cool mesh could work perfect to make this work for a dude.

Any ideas of how you might do YOUR version of this?  Please share them with us!

Thank you to annabelvita for this fantastic tutorial and great pics!


  1. Wonder how easy this is to remove if you wanted to change the design?

  2. what an awesome idea! love it!

  3. This would be great on a bathroom window. Just might try it.

  4. Neat idea can’t see in but let light in.

  5. I am for sure donna try this on my bedroom windows.

  6. Deborah Ann says:

    That would draw roaches in Florida! They eat anything!

  7. My security system says this is a bad link!

  8. Iam going to do in my glass cabinets

  9. Pat Woodall says:

    Couldn’t see finished window.

  10. Suki says:

    I saw this same technique used with very pretty printed sheets on an apartment wall because she was not allowed to paint it. And when she was ready to move she simply peeled the sheets off the walls and gave them aa good rinse with water. :))

  11. Marina says:

    How creative. Feels old country and so romantic. Not sure about the practicality, i.e. washing the window, the corn starch peeling off, etc. On the other hand, it is just beautiful.

  12. Arletha Portis says:

    Great better than frosted contact thanks

  13. Arletha Portis says:

    Great better than frosted contact paper thanks

  14. Margaret Gay says:

    Great idea this also works on furniture

  15. Lynn Smith says:

    Love this tutorial & an awesome idea for your windows & im going to do this on my windows

  16. Marciyah says:


    I just moved to a new apartment and I tried this and it works. I am amazed. Thanks for sharing

  17. Lee says:

    I did this with starch and it turned brown. Will the cornstarch stay white?

  18. Margare says:

    How well does this work in the evening when you have your lights on?

  19. Vivian says:

    The question about plain fabric.. I took Muslim and dipped it in liquid starch and applied to window with wide plastic putty knife, making sure to push firmly into edges. Allow to dry and trim access with exacto knife.

  20. Rosemarie says:

    If you don’t want to use corn starch, use hoge poge, glue. Both corn starch and decoupage glue come off easily with warm water.

  21. Michelle says:

    I’ve tried this and it only last about a month before it peels off. I remade the cornstarch mixture as directed and reapplied. After a week, the lace is peeling off again.

  22. Lisa says:

    You could use torn up pieces of different colored tissue paper. To match them them of their room, or tissue paper with designs. Just like you would with glue and paper sacks on the wall. It would take longer or you could use the larger sheets, unborn. They are 5hen enough to all9w some light through.

  23. Darlene says:

    I would like to know how you go about removing this from the window???

  24. WISE DIY. Helpful hints and ideas

  25. Manny Hanna says:

    Amy Norris…Thought of the sliding door…

  26. For masculine look use shear material of camo or trucks or any sport. Shear fabric w almost any patterns can be found at fabric stores. Shears are found in curtain/drapery user in Walmart.

  27. Chriss Lam says:

    Mod podge is hard to remove if your tired of the look. The cornstarch wipes right off after soaking it with some water to losen it up

  28. This brings back memories of when I was a young child (many years ago) my Mom use to mix a paste of corn starch and water, then color it with food color and then paint 3D scenes on the Windows. As I remember it was really nice but took a really long time.

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