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She Is Literally Painting Cornstarch On Her Window But The Result Is Gorgeous!

This DIY is quick, easy, fun and cheap.  What could be better!?

If you have any windows in your home or apartment where you want the natural light but need a little privacy, this is a truly lovely solution.

Granted, it is a bit feminine but I am wondering how we can use this idea and make it masculine, as well…

Maybe you can think of some ideas as you scroll down the next page…

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  1. Tootie Treat says:

    this is pretty cool!

  2. Mary Kemmer says:

    Does everyone know about this site.

  3. Michael Guida That’s cold! If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!

  4. That is a great idea. I am going to try it soon.

  5. yes yes yes doing this well at some point after i recover from knee surgery but this is exactly what i need so cool

  6. maybe mosquito netting for boys or that light weight camo

  7. Michael Guida How do you know the difference?

  8. For a boys room you might be able to use tfhe triple gauze fabric.

  9. Espie Tamayo says:

    How about using colored or patterned tissue paper? One would give a stained glass effect; the other would have a design suitable for a boys’ room.

  10. Julie Grant says:

    what happens if the window sweats ?

  11. Will work for my bathroom. I like my curtains open and I live in the country, going to try. It should be easy to change if you want.

  12. Nancy says:

    Or maybe use lace window valence with trucks etc for a boy’s room. They’re cheap and worth cutting up if you can get it sheer enough.

  13. Lila Silvey says:

    great idea for bathroom,window, or any lover windows that you want covered but light still to come in. It is like the gallery glass in some ways. I used that before and loved it .

  14. My BIL painted cornstarch on rear window of our car when we got married & “wrote” Just Married with his finger. Even after multiple washings the texture of the glass had changed and in every morning’s dew fall and light sprinkle of rain we could still see “Just Married”. Had to be sure to sell the car during dry spells.

  15. Mary Mather says:

    Mr. Guida, can you say SNOB???

  16. QUESTION: Would this work on walls?

    • Helen Miller says:

      Yes. sort of. Make starch like you’d use for ironing. Let it cool, roll it on the wall and place your fabric. Roll starch over the top of fabric and allow it to dry. It can be vacuumed if it gets dusty, or you can pull it down, wash it, and re-apply. I did a wall in my daughter’s bedroom with blue and white gingham when she was 6. Don’t do that. Too convenient for playing tic tac toe, lol.

    • Kim says:

      I use liquid starch, found in the laundry section, to put fabric on walls.

  17. Sun Enge says:

    Michael Guida Don’t be a twatwaffle.

  18. Michael Guida I don’t think we even have “dime stores” any more. However just because you get something at a thrift store doesn’t mean it’s “cheap.”

  19. Daphne says:

    Just wondering if any moisture or condensation hits the window due to weather changes will not make it come off?

  20. Buy a lace that isn’t flowery – and then tea die it or color dye it for a masculine look.

  21. Contact paper would do the same and would be a lot easier.

  22. i used liquid starch same steps. it is easy and can be taken off, just wet material and pull off. they look nice.

    • Sue McCormack says:

      Same here – liquid starch. Never heard of putting it on windows before BUT I lined my kitchen cabinets with my favorite strawberry decorated fabric, soaked in liquid starch after being pre-cut to fit the space. I rubbed out any bubbles, let it dry and the fabric was stiff, stayed in place marvelously. It went with my strawberry decorated dishes and serving pieces.

  23. I think for a boy you could get some camo net and use that instead of lace.

  24. Helen Miller says:

    Just don’t use gingham in a kid’s bedroom. They play tic tac toe on it.

  25. Helen Miller says:

    If applied with two coats of starch, one under, one over, you just vacuum it to remove dust. It can easily be removed, washed, and reapplied. It’s also easy to change the fabric if you want to redecorate, and fabric gives you more options.

  26. Connie Hardy says:

    also liquid starch works the same way. no mixing no mess

  27. how cool and pretty too !!!

  28. Glenda says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice in the winter if you could find lace with snowflakes on it.

  29. Roger Mabe says:

    OMG!!! stop the world! geezzzzz

  30. Janet Ludvik says:

    This might act to detour the birds from hitting the windows too! Great idea

  31. What if you used like a camo mesh. For boys

  32. What if you used like a camo mesh for boys

  33. Carla Flores says:

    Michael Guida ? well la te da …..

  34. Carla Flores says:

    that is really cool and they also sell spray can paint type ; been thinking about trying it ??

  35. Bonnie Marks says:

    If there was some sheer fabric that looked like chain mail.

  36. I wonder how well heat or cold affects this

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