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I’ve Never Seen Anyone Saw A Rolling Pin In Half But I Couldn’t Imagine A Better Reason To Do It!

I was JUST thinking the other day how I would like to be able to hang my apron in the kitchen.  I store it in the drawer underneath the dryer and I thought, well, it’s so cute and I like to cook in it all the time so why not hang it?

It’s a nice coincidence that I come across this fun DIY to make an apron rack that is as original as it is adorable.

Check out how it’s made:

Figure out how big you want it to be and select a nice piece of reclaimed wood as the backing.  Consider if you might want to hang more than just your apron on it, too.  Dishtowels, grilling utensils or anything else that deserves this prime real estate.

Here is a fun way to upcycle another common kitchen item–FORKS TURN INTO WALL ART IN NO TIME AT ALL!

Get your wooden rolling pins and saw them in two, at an angle so that whatever you hang won’t slip off:

You are going to affix them to the board in two ways. Click through for the deets on this step plus the final reveal…

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  1. Peggie Hobbs cute apron rack!

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