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10 Amazing and QUICK Home Hacks You’ve Never Seen

Here is a list of simple and quick home-hacks that are INGENIOUS!  I wish I had my old CD rack to do #9 because I have no counter space in my bathroom!

(At the end of the article I found links to all the items I show in case you want to find them to purchase.)

Which one of these are you going to do to first?

1. Instead of hooks, use door knobs to hang your towels

Although not the cheapest home hack, this idea would have anyone that sees it talking and complimenting you. Finding some was as easy as doing a quick ebay search (I link to it at the end).1



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  1. I made a hat rack out of pumpkin stems. Sometimes I surprise myself.

  2. The only one I don’t agree with is the covering of the thermostat….not if you have the heat or air conditioning on anyway.

  3. Those ideas are pretty clever!

  4. i only like a couple really: the towel rack from the wine rack and the door knobs. if you are using the shoe bag make sure it is a new one (haha). i love to look at things tho

  5. Check this out Fay Andrews Haines.

  6. Sharon Hicks says:

    I was thinking it would make the temperature incorrect

  7. Kim, you could get another “ugly” person picture to hang over your thermostat!! (Mom)

  8. Sandra May says:

    Heidi Hickin, check this out

  9. But why would you want to Hack your home? This new subs$#%&[email protected]*ution of the word Hack for Tips or Ideas just drives me crazy.

  10. Little surprise she said does anyone still iron! (maybe just joking I hope) Otherwise good tips.

  11. becky fish says:

    I love the wine rack/towel rack!!! I use a shoe rack, hanging from my office door, to hold markers, tape, glue, & lots of other junk!!!

  12. I only saw the first one, which was not too impressive to me. I refuse to click thru pages. STOP MAKING US CLICK THRU PAGES & PAGES OF ADS!!!

  13. Jacque Immel says:

    some really go ideas

  14. Jo Simon says:

    Kristin Baxter

  15. TameraSteven Vanden Bos check out #7

  16. For your pantry! I am thinking about one too!

  17. why have to keep clicking that is stupid..

  18. Some really good ideas….

  19. Joyce Donato Maxwell Chelsea Krom

  20. Play’s gonna LOVE you for this one. Lmao!!

  21. I was thinking the same thing. Isn’t the sensor on it so the temp wouldn’t be accurate behind a picture.

  22. I see things that are creative or cooking things and I always think of you.

  23. You are very talented and amazing baker and cook!

  24. Nick is a very lucky man! <3

  25. Ha ha!! I’ll be sure to remind him.

  26. I will be sure to remind him too 😀

  27. Marsha Avers says:

    Alot of cool ideas.

  28. Several of these tips are going to be very useful!!!

  29. Peggy Didear says:

    Bailee Dean Duren Kim Bundy

  30. Hannah Pi says:

    Never seen?? I’ve seen ALL of these, hundreds of times…..

  31. Hannah Pi says:

    It mentions the sensor and probably not wanting to cover it…..

  32. I agree Katie. These ideas were borrowed/shared from others not stolen which is what we have come to know as being hacked.

  33. Those are good ideas. Thank you

  34. LOVE the ironing board idea !!!!!!

  35. #7 is a great idea on the inside of any door. I have several in different places and inexpensive.

  36. you don’t have to look at them

  37. Jodi Wood says:

    yeah…why did you even click on this? smh

  38. jo says:

    I think I found a new site that I love!

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