It's WISE to DIY: Thrify Ideas for the Do-It-Yourselfer


For $10, He Creates A Stunning Wall Tapestry!

If you have ever strolled through the home decor department at Urban Outfitters, no doubt you found some ultra-cool items you to add ...

Tiny Marble Hexagon Tiles Are Used To Create An Unexpected And Beautiful Home Accessory!

Adding marble to your home creates an instantly chic look.  If you can find creative ways to implement real marble, you get a rich ...

A Water Balloon Gets Filled Up Partway And Then It Goes In The Freezer! Watch What It Makes!

This winter decor item will really WOW your guests! How lovely to sit in the winter amongst the beautiful snow and have candlelight ...

These Moms Are Using PVC Pipe To Build Their Kids Something Ultra-Cool!

I am in love with these moms from WhatsUpMoms that just never stop creating wonderful things for their kids and their homes! Today ...

This Water Bottle Is Not What It Seems! It’s Something Much More!

Even adults need toys, something shiny or interesting to look and gaze at to relieve the stress of what goes on in the office and on ...

DIY’ers Won’t Be Surprised By How Amazing These Crates Turn Out!

Used wooden crates are a amazing DIY supply.  Collect a bunch and there are so many ways you can use them. Creating a bookshelf is ...

After These Triangles Dry For Three Hours, His Bike Has A New And Beautiful Home!

As an avid rider, I know how nice it can be to get your bike off the floor of your living room or bedroom.  When it sits on the floor, ...

She Snags This Free Side Table And Then Upcycles It Into Something She Really Needs!

If you can create really workable under-the-bed storage, it is like a gold mine of space.  All that stuff that is lying the closet ...

A Deodorant Can Lid And Some Clothespins Come Together For A Super-Simple DIY!

This simple DIY gives you a fun way to create a cute and useful tool that by using supplies you already have on hand. As usual, there ...