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You Won’t Believe What They Made Entirely Out Of Pallets!

First they began with a diagram of what they wanted to build.


Here is the pallet materials list according to imgur:

20 pallets size 100 x 120 cm for floor
3 pallets size 100 x 120 cm for table
12 pallets size 80 x 120 cm for bench
8 pallets size 100 x 120 cm for high fence
and a few cut off pallets for lower fence.
Terrace will be 4 x 6 meters big.


1.  First the pallets were sanded down to be smooth and dirt free.

2.  Then they were primed and painted with an air gun.

3.  4×6 meters of geotextile was laid down to prevent grass from growing in between the wood slats.  (There are many types of geotextile and you would need to check with you local hardware store to see which one is right for your space and climate.)

4.  The floor gets laid down.


5.  The terrace starting to look like the finished product.


6.  The fence is stabilized with steel rods and wire.


7.  Finally the lower fence is added.  Then flowers, cushions, pillows, umbrella…


8.  And of course some string lights for evening atmosphere.

zaTgYXlWhat do you think about this patio?  Pretty awesome , right?  Granted, we don’t all have THIS much space in behind our house (I certainly don’t) but this could be modified in any way needed to suit your home.

Thank you to imgur for this incredible article inspo and wonderful pictures.  You can see their site for even more pics!


  1. I just love seeing what folks are doing to help keep the landfills from filling up or the burning that takes place when pallets are no longer needed, this is so relaxing, thanks for sharing!

  2. Becky Hanson says:

    Robert Carter You have room in your back yard for something like this.

  3. Kim Koker says:

    Sher Stookey I can’t ever find decent ones either.

  4. I like it.. would love to have one of these..

  5. Too much white. I would definitely break it up and at least use a two tone color scheme.

  6. Nadine says:

    Where do you find pallets in good enough condition to make something this sturdy? I see soooo many good pallet projects that I would love to copy, but I cannot find any. Can you buy them new? The only ones I have ran across are really torn up, and/or messed up and rotted.

  7. Thanks for an awesome post!

  8. Lauren Alm check this out!

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