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When She Mixes Elmer’s Glue And Food Coloring Together, Something Bizarre Is Created!

I have never thought about trying to create makeup that will stay on  endlessly but I can see what this could be a handy thing to have.

This recipe/DIY for “tattoo makeup” can be used to create color on your body that will stay for much longer than regular makeup and not rub off.

Check this out:

Would this come in handy for you?  Please tell us how!  This should be interesting.


  1. Yeah until you wash any glass that you painted !

  2. She doesn’t paint glasses with it. Maybe watch the video….

  3. She was hardly being rude… you on the other hand, are.
    Try watching the video before making a statement on how something will or won’t work.

  4. Myshell Coye says:

    My daughter tried it. Very beautiful, works on plastic too.

  5. Diane Russo says:

    Desiree Ford Giacometti show this to Gi!

  6. Jessy G G Boyles Lauren Bass

  7. Wise DIY says:

    okay, okay ladies!! :)))

  8. I watched the video oh so nice of both of you, I was just stating what I know. GET OVER YOURSELVES BOTH OF YOU.

  9. Kairi Davis says:

    i love the bubble gum idea as well 🙂

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