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What He Converts This Old TV Tray Into Is Intoxicating!

He wanted a bar, but didn’t have the budget or the space for a built in or even a full bar.

But that was no obstacle!

He used a simple TV tray and spray painted it black.  Then placed a vintage trunk on top:


Inside the trunk he arranged all his liquor bottles:


And voila, an in-home bar!


You could keep a rolling cart nearby such as this Ikea one for glasses, ice and napkins.  Pull out the cart when company comes over and the party is on.

Thanks to thedesiwonderwoman for this great idea and wonderful pics!  See their site for more deets and pics of this project.


  1. It Sucked,….Bleh,….

  2. I’ll keep mine the way it is.

  3. Mardie Moran says:

    Here I have been looking for table legs for an old suitcase and this pops up – perfect!

  4. Lenna Ann says:

    lol, not converted, being used as a table pretty much, to hold a suitcase….wow, it IS a table after all. So what was the conversion? Did he glue the suitcase to the table?

  5. I was looking for something really creative…..

  6. not at all what I had expected or would want in my home with all the liquor…

  7. He painted it and set a suitcase on top. Where is the “conversion?”

  8. I figured this would be really neat! Somewhat disappointed!

  9. Helen Jodoin says:

    Where is that unlike button

  10. I took the top off one and used to knead dough on!!

  11. kinda disappointing – no conversion just a little paint added to the table

  12. No thanks–will keep mine the way they are

  13. Sher Stookey says:

    Why black? Why not brown? Nothing spectacular about this.

  14. Gail Hannah says:

    Luggage rack works well also.

  15. Faye Hetrick says:

    It looks like an old suitcase on top of a tray table to me! Don’t think you’ll see this on Flea Market Flip anytime soon.

  16. Kathy Bright says:

    Trunk on top to make a mini bar.

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