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I Was Really Surprised To See How Handy This Egg Slicer Actually Is!

Do you have an egg slicer sitting in your utensil drawer?  If you do, it’s probably just like mine, shoved waaaay in the back of the drawer, underneath all the stuff you actually use.

I loved this video which showed me some additional ways to use this handy device.

Check it out:

And by the way, did you know that you can eat a kiwi with the skin on?  My daughter does that. I wash it well and she just eats the whole thing like a peach, skin and all.

Do you have any other uses for an egg slicer?



  1. We have one it’s good

  2. Mine is in the play dough bin

  3. Angela Tant says:

    Better than the plastic ones

  4. Liz Waite says:

    we use ours for slicing mushrooms, its much quicker

  5. Duane Tant says:

    Hard to find good egg slicers.

  6. I slice my strawberries with it

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