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Her New Twist On Shower Caddies Makes A Huge Difference!

Most of us have a shower caddy in the shower to cut down on the annoying clutter of all of our shower products.  Shower caddies do a great job of maximizing the vertical space and keeping all those bottles and tubes from falling all over the place.

However, they are far from perfect and there are some cool tips you should know to increase their effectiveness.

Check out these ideas!

Having the caddy on the other side will probably also help prevent mold and soap scum from building up around it and on it.

What tips do you have for organizing your shower?



  1. Catherine Rosebud says:

    Great idea. The shower liner shouldn’t it face inside the shower?

  2. It’s a SHOWER. It’s going to splash!

  3. Next time, skip the hand-waving and the unnecessary explanations and just show me the damn picture of the solution. What a waste of two minutes.

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