It's WISE to DIY: Thrify Ideas for the Do-It-Yourselfer

He Transforms One Sheet Of 3/4″ Plywood Into A Space That We Would All Love!

I love me some good organization but I don’t like to spend a ton of money at the Container Store to achieve it.

I was just blown away by what can be created from a single sheet of 3/4″ plywood and I am just loving this tutorial on how to do-it-yourself!

Click through to see what can be created with the simplest of materials..

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  1. Dawn this would be great in your laundry room

  2. Robin McLure says:

    Marcus Marshall Mandy Marshall

  3. Jonathan Johnson, for your future house

  4. Jaybird, please make me one.

  5. Stain it to perfection. Great idea.

  6. Well….that wasn’t worth all the clicking.

  7. Jaimy Warren says:

    It’s a shitty shelf….

  8. Usually when you have to click a lot to see it..It is not worth it

  9. The thing I don’t like about these sites is you can’t get instructions

  10. Pat Pierce says:

    Tee Litton- Gardner this would be great in the cabin

  11. The instructions are there. Click on next page.

  12. Cathy Canida says:

    I look at the comments 1st. I hate these clicky things.

  13. I like this ,it would be great for little children

  14. Going to put 3 r 4 in!!!

  15. Ranee Jones says:

    Dayon Lane and Michael Belcher. How about this for your closet? A few changes and it could be made room size.

  16. Is page after page after page really necessary. People don’t have a lot of time or data. Thank you @Mary Ann Hegg Bevington

  17. Timothy Manley Jessica Bulloch jess needs this at her house. Plans included.

  18. Yes daddy please!! Timothy Manley

  19. Donna Folk says:

    I like it better then the closet organizer we bought.

  20. Bet the hanging rack would not tolerate much weight!

  21. Kathey Kat says:

    Mary Ann Hegg Bevington… Your the best.. THANK YOU.. Be Blessed

  22. Jp Gale says:

    His FB page has much bigger and better projects

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