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A Can Of Tuna In Your Survival Kit Is NOT Just For Eating!

Cans of tuna are a likely and smart addition to an emergency kit.  They are a compact, long-lasting, good source of protein-rich food and if you like tuna, it’s actually not bad eaten right out of the can.

But what if I told you that before you eat it, you could use that same can of tuna as an emergency light source that would last you 2-3 hours?

It’s true.

And all you need is a can of tuna packed in oil, a sharp instrument (to poke a hole), a makeshift wick and a lighter/matches.

Click through to watch the video to see how easy this is!

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  1. Robin Dasch says:

    yea light up a attract a bear in a can! lol

  2. Wouldn’t work for me, we get the ones with water not oil as it’s healthier

  3. What do you use for wick??

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