It's WISE to DIY: Thrify Ideas for the Do-It-Yourselfer

8 Clever Backyard Party Tips That Will Put Your Party Over The Top


2.  Use an old wagon to hold cold drinks.  Much cooler than a plastic tub.


3. Use mason jars for candle holders.  Get them in different sizes and shapes to add variety.



4. Create a burger bar.  As the host and hostess, it can be impossible to stop serving/cleaning and take a moment to enjoy the party.  This meal option is one your guests will love and one which you can walk away from to socialize.



5.  Use patterned cupcake liners as drink toppers–they keep bugs out AND they add some flair.



6.  Use ice cream cones to hold fruit salad.  Makes individual servings and a great presentation!  You can even leave a can of whipped cream for guests to use on top.



7.  Have a basket of sunscreen on hand for your guests.  There are always those folks who forgot to apply it (on themselves and their kids).  They will appreciate it and this is a small touch that puts you in the “Amazing Hostess” category.


8. If it gets hotter than expected, grab a 2-liter bottle, so duct tape and a hose.  Poke a few holes in the bottle and duct tape it to the hose and let the kids run around.  Literally, party in a bottle.



Tell us about your favorite summer party ideas!  We would love to post them for our readers!

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