It's WISE to DIY: Thrify Ideas for the Do-It-Yourselfer

10 Completely Unique Beach Activities That Will Blow Your Mind!

1.  Become a sand mermaid.

We have all buried someone in the sand and there is no shame in that but this is next-level sand burial.  Get a friend or two to help you with this and make the most instagram-worthy pic of the weekend!



2.  Make a sand sundial.

Why not throw some education and history into a fun day in the sun?  The kids will love to hear about how these ancient clocks were the norm and will love making one of their own even more!  (If you are like me you will need to read up a bit so you can explain it to your kids!  You can get what you need to know here.)



3.  Make some upscale beach art.

My kids start to collect shells and rocks from the minute arrive we at the beach but we have never done anything with their treasures.  I love this idea because it gives them a purpose for everything they find.  This temporary art can obviously be saved in a photograph but the kids could also take home all their supplies and recreate it with glue.



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