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Make a Boring Lampshade Sparkle With This DIY Glitter Makeover!

Do you have a lamp or two in your house that could use a little sparkle?  This DIY project is so cool and easy to do and turns any ordinary lampshade into a custom piece that all you will love and appreciate every time you use your lamp.

Be forewarned, we are dealing with large amounts of glitter so this is a messy one and I would definitely recommend working outdoors if possible.

I love that she instructs to seal the glitter with a clear acrylic spray as a final step because in my experience working with glitter, this is a key element that makes the project a keeper and not something that ends up shedding glitter forever and driving you CRAZY.

Please post pictures and share!


  1. An easy way to make glitter stick to your DIY project is with hairspray

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