It's WISE to DIY: Thrify Ideas for the Do-It-Yourselfer


After Seeing What She Did To Her Peep Hole, I’m Sold On This Idea!

If you have never heard of a “reverse peephole viewer”, it is exactly what it sounds like:  a device which allows someone ...

This Outlet is Going In A Spot So Convenient You Probably Never Even Thought About It!

There are certain little home improvements that you never even realize you are missing.  Sometimes you see something at a friend’s ...

These Ladies Bust Out A Repair DIY That I Thought You Needed To Hire A Professional For!

Screens are so super important in so many different climates.  If you live in mosquito country then you obviously get it.  But screens ...
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This Dated Bathroom Gets A Very Impressive Contractor-Free Renovation!!

This type of bathroom may look very familiar to you.  In decent shape but outdated to the point where nothing about it looks very ...

She Chopped Her Front Door In Half To Make Her #1 Wish-List DIY Door!

A Dutch-door has always seemed to me to be something so cool but for some reason, I never thought that it would be something I’d ...
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These Clever Design Ideas From Ikea Will Maximize Your Kitchen Space!

Sometimes the best ideas seem completely counter-intuitive which is why it helps to hear them from professionals that we trust (even ...
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What She Is Pouring On Her Garage Floor Will Give That Sought-After Shiny Garage Floor Finish!

We were lucky enough to remodel our garage a few years ago but prior to to doing that, all I wished for (as far as the garage was concerned) ...

This Sad Kitchen Gets A Makeover That I Am Drooling Over!

This sad, sad kitchen looks so sad that one might think you would need to take it down to the studs to make any difference at all. But ...

I Could Not Believe That This Gorgeous Wood Floor Costs $300!!

This quote from grandmashousediy is so true.  Flooring is flooring because you install it under your feet.  You do not have to pay ...