It's WISE to DIY: Thrify Ideas for the Do-It-Yourselfer


This Man Has A Genius Way To Shovel Snow That Is A Back-Saver!

No matter how much you love the snow, I don’t know anyone who loves to shovel it.  The novelty wears off pretty quick once it ...

This Lady Is Covering Her Windows With Bubble Wrap! This Is A Genius Hack!

Keeping your home warm in the winter can seem impossible if not very expensive.  If you don’t have super high-quality windows, ...

She Slices Off The Top Of A Salt Container And Upcycles It In A Fantastic Way!

I am a firm believer that anything that can go in a mason jar, should go in a mason jar.  Matchsticks, parmesan cheese, bathroom supplies…ALL ...

You Can Wrap A Gift In A Fraction Of The Time! Find Out How!

Wrapping gifts can (and SHOULD) be an enjoyable experience.  But if you are not very good at it and it starts taking too long, it ...

Can’t Find The Tape? You Can Still Wrap A Gift Like A Boss!

I cannot count the amount of times I have walked circles around my house looking for the tape.  My kids are always taking it in their ...

He Moistens The Outside Of This Bowl To Fix A Problem That Has Frustrated You Many Times!

You know that bowl that you use all the time that, for some reason or another, the Cling Wrap just will NOT stick to? It’s such ...

So Fun What Happens When You Put A Plastic Dinosaur Into An Easter Egg!

Nifty makes some great DIY videos but we cannot all sit around all day watching them, right? So this compilation has something for ...

You Are About To Learn 10 Ways To use Coconut Oil In Only 1 Minute!

Gotta love a video that teaches so much in so little time. Why wasn’t school more like this? You probably have caught on to the ...

There Is A Great Reason To Put Rice Into A Balloon!

Stress is such a real problem in all of our lives and we are all doing what we can to relieve it. Exercise, healthy eating, a vacation ...