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These .43 Cent Bricks Get A Quick And Very Useful Makeover! Surprising, Too!

You probably have not ever walked into your local hardware store, looked at some .43 cent bricks and exclaimed “Yes!  Those are exactly what I am looking for to brighten up my decor!”

However, that is all about to change when you see the extremely clever way that HGTV has used them to not only add color and decor, but also as a very functional element.

HGTV has given us 3 super-cute ways to liven up these bricks and use them as bookends!

The first step after a light sanding and cleaning is a white base coat:

For the first option, she does an hombre spray paint that looks fun and whimsical on the bookshelf:

Obviously, you will choose your own color palette but this looks amazing, especially with the book covers she made:

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  1. I have seen them decorated as door stops also

  2. Where can you get 43 cent bricks?

  3. These are really cute…great ideas

  4. Most likely at the resale store. It support habitat for humanity. I’ve seen them there

  5. Wow. I was really kidding. But that its cool.thanks

  6. Made one to look like a couch. Even have a dog sitting on it. Door stopper

  7. My mom made the door stops that looked like a couch. I still have it & use it.

  8. Take a brick with three holes. Glue felt to bottom and place kitchen matches in outer holes. If you have some 35mm containers, they fit perfectly and make match removal easy. Tie a ribbon with pretty bow around center and place on fireplace hearth.

  9. You can get these at Home Depot or Mennards..think under a buck..and they are always on sale too.

  10. Debra Clarke says:

    I just recently had to have a chimney removed on my 110 year old home. So I have a stack of 110 year old bricks I’ve been using in the landscape.

  11. Joan Farris says:

    where can I find 43 cent bricks

  12. After white base, wrap with wide rubber bands at different angles, spray paint your favorite color, let dry, and remove rubber bands.

  13. I’ve wrapped wallpaper to match different rooms, and used for door stops.

  14. Paint three bricks the color of your choice and stencil home sweet home on them. Stack the three and makes for a cute yard decor

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