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She Cuts A Heart Out Of This Non-Slip Mat and Then Makes Something ADORABLE!!

I recognized the kind of non-slip mat she uses in this craft because it is the same kind  of mat that I use to line all my kitchen shelves and drawers.

I have never seen anyone craft with this stuff but when I saw what she made, I was SO IMPRESSED!

This is a simple craft that is perfect to do while you watch your favorite show.  Check it out on the next page…

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  1. MUY linda ideas.gracias

  2. OMG ! I couldn’t sit that long before I went crazy .. maybe a good project for kids .

  3. I carry a small round piece in my purse to open water bottles. They are also sold at ” Dollar General “stores. Think they are 3 or. 4 for a dollar.

  4. I love these for opening drink bottles jars or anything else I need help with I even have one in my car

  5. Angela Lundy says:

    Is the material tied once both ends are pulled thru the holes

  6. It’s called hooked rugs he use a latch hook and strips of yarn

  7. Kara Durbin says:

    Julie Windell, for Lola

  8. Sue Garcia says:

    Think I’ll try to cut out small rug size for my tab trailer and also two more as extras for my shower bag for us which I use with shampoo toothpaste and finger towel with small roll of paper for usage in public restrooms when camping. Good idea!

  9. Had to share to my page to make one for Zoey.

  10. That would be cute too.

  11. Nancy Lantz says:

    Are you going to make?

  12. Awesome suggestion! !!

  13. Julie A Galewski Jan Gratzl

  14. Lori Vicente says:

    Thank you click bait saver

  15. Anolie Cody says:

    They are great to open bottle and jar lids

  16. Marie Lovato says:

    It would not show on page tried a few times

  17. Anne Walters says:

    What can you do with a rug thus size? It looks sooo small

  18. Fay Huffaker says:

    Gave me another idea. But basically them same materials

  19. It’s a shag rug. Stop clickbait

  20. Works great to keep my sewing machine from walking while sewing on slick class tables

  21. How rude. Don’t like it, don’t do it. Geesh. Don’t have to listen…keep scrolling

  22. Marie Lovato says:

    Would love to try this

  23. Marie Lovato says:

    Sorry looks like earlier I did not re read my post it came out wrongly by accident, I ACTUALLY have been looking for this one as I want to do this

  24. Terry Bell says:

    I like the yarn idea

  25. I couldn’t hear her talking volume in the video was to low

  26. Works between mattress and mattress pad if you have trouble like I do with it slipping to the side when I slide off the bed. (My bed is super high and I can’t reach the floor sitting on it)

  27. Gail Moseley says:

    Some people think that because there is a comment section, they should write the first thing that comes to mind. Unfortunately, we all know people like that in real life. Because they have a mouth and know how to talk….

  28. I am sorry that the video starts out loud then you loose the volumn. Didn’t understand what you are doing.

  29. I use the thinner stuff to put between my crystal catering dishes & in storage, and travel

  30. Grace Combs DePasquale – I think you make rugs. This may interest you.

  31. Jodi Hanson this looks cool!

  32. Jodi Hanson says:

    I’ve done a couple things. It’s easier to use thinner strips of old t-shirts. But yeah, endless possibilities!

  33. Jodi Hanson says:

    To keep the shag look without knotting each strip, I’d cut a piece of fabric or more slip mat the size of whole project and use spray adhesive to make a back. That’d stop losing any fabric in washing….

  34. You’re such a genius! We should really craft together sometime.

  35. Jodi Hanson says:

    I have a load of potential projects that I wanna do! I’m addicted to Pinterest diys.

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