It's WISE to DIY: Thrify Ideas for the Do-It-Yourselfer


These Beautiful Marble-Dipped Oreos Look As Amazing As They Taste!

Marbling is trending all over but I have yet to see it done on food! You may have seen marbled vases with nail polish or clay marbling and ...

These Chocolate Chip Cookies Have 2 Extra Ingredients That Set Them High Above The Rest!

Chocolate chip cookies are my nemesis and my BFF.  Love them and hate them for the fact that I have no defense against them. If you ...

These Time-Saving Food Prep Tips Are Lifesavers!

We are not all knife-ninjas like the super-chefs that we watch on TV.  Prepping food takes us TIME!  Rachel Ray says we can cook ...

These Snowflake Cookies Are So Delicious And Perfect For The Holidays!

During the holidays, it’s all about snowflakes. And whether or not you are going to actually be in the snow, you definitely need ...

This May Look Like A Giant Skillet Cookie, But There Is A Surprise Inside That You Don’t Want To Miss!

This could be a crazy-good treat to make for Christmas Day. I am pretty sure that after the presents have been opened and everyone ...

I Just Love What She Does With The Leftover Halloween Candy!

Thank goodness for Operation Gratitude to which my kids donated the bulk of their Halloween candy.  The U.S. Military will get to ...

I Was Really Surprised To See How Handy This Egg Slicer Actually Is!

Do you have an egg slicer sitting in your utensil drawer?  If you do, it’s probably just like mine, shoved waaaay in the back ...

This One-Ingredient Cracker Is Delicious!!

Crackers are so yummy.  These are no exception! These crackers are SO easy to make and believe it or not, they are gluten-free. You ...
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These Mason Jar Lids Are Used To Make A Homemade Spin On A Classic!

A warm english muffin is one of the pleasures of the morning, even for us Americans! If you haven’t used up every mason jar lid ...